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HT Medical’s Ti3D Additive Manufactured material is a proprietary, patent pending structure which offers a combination of several distinct advantages.


Nano Texture.

In vitro osteo cell culture of Ti3D shows cellular affinity toward the extensive nano level peaks and valleys present on the Ti3D surface under scanning electron microscopy.


Ti3D technology is compliant for the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) new technology identification, ICD-10 code for a nanotextured surface on an interbody fusion device.

Rapid Integration of Bone.

In vivo sheep model histology shows rapid bone healing within

critical defect model at 4 and 12 weeks.

The open pore structure maximizes the bone growth pathways

Modulus of Elasticity Below that of Cortical Bone.

With our patented structure we are able to optimize the porosity to the entirety of the device without any rigid support structures. Large rigid areas of titanium, as seen in competitive cages, reduce radiographic visibility and increase device stiffness that may contribute to subsidence failure.

Competitive 3D cages with rigid sections.

HT Medical’s proprietary structure allows for maximal

porosity throughout the entirety of the device,

minimizing the modulus of elasticity, and associated


Preclinical material data supplied by Additive Innovations, not device specific.